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Binary Options Trading Signals Review – Started trading professionally

Binary option trading has become a lot popular in recent years due to the simple way they help trader invest and earn handsomely.

The risk can be controlled if proper market analysis is done and binary options trading signals are a good way of knowing how the market is behaving and invest accordingly.

These signals are provided by independent providers, brokers and experienced traders after doing properly analysis of all the trends to make things easier for you and transform binary options trading into an easy task that anyone can take part in.

In the next few sections we will be going through some of the aspects of binary trading signals such as their origin, advantages, benefits, different types of signals, providers of such signals, how to select the best providers, some of the disadvantages of using these signals, how these signals are commonly delivered to traders, how independent signal providers differ from brokers and some of the things you need to keep in mind to achieve success by using these binary options trading signals.

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What are Binary Options Signals?

Binary options trading is primarily about working with different probabilities and by predicting correctly it is possible for a trader to earn good returns while at the time same time it is also necessary to understand that mistakes can result in substantial losses.

The usefulness of binary trading signals is that they help to reliably assess the market conditions and make the investment accordingly, thereby helping to reduce the risks considerably.

Binary Options Signal Types

Generally binary options signals are of two types:

  1. Automated Signals and
  2. Trader Signals

Automated Signals: These automated signals are based on algorithmic data provided by software that studies historical data and compares the performance of various assets as well as their oscillation and value with their position in the present trading session to evaluate the ideal time for making an investment.

Trader Signals: Apart from using automated signals, traders can also make use of signals provided by experienced traders and is often a profitable strategy since many of these traders have years of trading experience.

The binary option signals are also categorized on the basis of whether they are paid or free signals. Free signals, as the name suggests are free to use and if provided by a good provider can be useful in judging the market movements. On the other hand the paid signals are provided by many of the trading platforms and they usually charge between $100 and $300 for such a service.

There are many binary option trading platforms which provide these expert signals free to traders who use their platform for trading and as a trader you should look for such platforms to join when starting to trade in binary options.

Origins of Binary Options Signals

Analyzing the financial data to figure out the best possible assets to invest in is a time consuming task and the person needs to have good amount of knowledge of financial markets.

It is also necessary for a person to invest a lot of time on daily basis to properly monitor the market fluctuations to figure out the direction market is moving towards.

Thus, for people with full time day jobs it is quite difficult to invest the required amount of time in binary options trading as well as acquire required knowledge of how to trade successfully, comprehend various financial charts and interpret news events.

This means that most people who are not doing trading on full time basis cannot successful invest in binary options. Such a situation has created a demand for service providers who can use their expertise to generate what are known as trade signals which can be used by anyone and invest in different assets based on that information to earn high returns on their investments.

These service providers have experienced traders who continuously monitor market situation to figure out trends and generate alerts which general traders can make use of.

This is a win-win situation for both the traders as well as signal service providers since the traders are able to earn high returns on their investment and service providers get a monthly fee for their service.

The signal providers always want to provide the best of service to traders since this is the only way they can build their reputation in the market and retain as well as increase their customer base.

Who Provides the Options Signals

There are different companies who provide these binary options trading signals for a fee. These signals are in the form of specific alerts all throughout the day and as a trader you can decide the categories for which you want to receive the alerts, as for example, for commodities only.

Many of the broker platforms also provide these signals to trader absolutely free of cost but the condition being that their trading platform is to be used by the trader.

The signals which are provided consist of details such as entry price, expiry time, the asset, the direction it is moving, which helps the trader decide whether to Put or Call.

How does Binary Options Signals work?

To provide the most useful binary signals the brokers and experienced traders make use of various strategies and financial charts to predict how the price of certain assets will behave over a period of time. These signals are not 100% accurate but offer very good predictions which can yield as much as 80% return on investment to traders.

The basic way they function involves trader signing up for their service on their website and after that the trader needs to provide email address and contact phone number to receive notifications and alerts in the form email as well as text messages. It is always advised that a trader acts as fast as possible on the alerts received to get the best benefit from such signals and these signals tend to become useless after certain period of time.

Thus being attentive can yield good results for any trader who is serious about investing his hard earned money in binary options trading.

These signals are created by expert traders and brokers with number of years in the industry and based upon detailed analysis of different financial charts and statistics.

This is the reason signals provided by reputed service providers tend to be accurate most of the time and traders can gain a lot from following the instructions provided in these trade alerts.

Advantage of Using Binary Options Signals

  1. You are able to reduce the chances of losses by using such live trading signals. In addition to it, the clear trade signals make trading an easy and smooth task.
  2. It is possible to monitor trade signals from smart phones and other devices, thus you do not have to sit in front of computer all the time.
  3. Binary options signals are quite useful for people with less experience in online trading and also help in saving a lot of time required for analyzing the different reports.
  4. These trade signals are normally easy to understand and assist you in taking the right trading decisions as well as clearly understand the present trends in market movements. 

Benefits of Using Binary Options Signals

The benefit of these trading signals is that they help to properly evaluate the movements in the market before taking any decision. These binary options trading signals provide information about inclinations in the market, the expiry time and behavior of various assets so that traders can take the right decision and do not have to worry about leaving the market too early.

The good thing about these signals is that proper analysis of these signals can help you earn as much as 80% returns on your investments. Even though market movements are hard to predict, these signals help a lot in removing the guess work from your investment decisions.

Binary trade signals are provided on real time basis and thereby help the traders become aware of new opportunities as soon as they become available.

Disadvantages of Binary Options Signals

  1. One of the problems with binary options trading signals is that most of the common signals are targeted towards specific timeframes and suppose you want to trade in five minute options then there may not be enough service providers offering signals for 5 minute trading.
  2. Many of the signal providers make it a point that the signal alert to be used within 5 minutes of delivery into their mail box otherwise it become ineffective, thus if you delay then such type of signals become useless.
  3. Most of these signal providers ask for a fee for their service and traders need to pay a price for benefits achieved by using such systems.

Binary Signals Delivery Methods

Binary options signal providers make use of various methods for delivery of these signals to traders such as emails and SMS notifications, phone calls in addition to publishing them on their website. These signals are provided on real time basis as soon as there is a good investment opportunity.

These signals can be delivered on daily basis where they expire with the closure of the asset market and as short term signals ending after some fixed period such as one hour, 30 minutes or 15 minutes. At the time of subscribing to any of these signals first check whether the signals are provided only for currency trading or all types of assets such as stocks, indices, currencies and commodities.

In case you find that the signals are provided only for currency trading then it would mean that such service uses an adaptation of the software which was originally developed to be used in Forex trading.

This type of check is also a good way of understanding whether the software was actually created for use in binary trading. In case you see that any software only provides currency pairing signals then it is likely that it was created for Forex trading and will not provide accurate results for binary options trading.

Difference between the broker’s signals and independent signals providers?

The good thing about using these binary option signals is that they help traders in investing in different markets together based on information available from these signals.

At the time you start searching for a signal provider, you will find that there are two types of providers, first being independent signal providers and the other being broker signals.

The different between the two is that for opening an account with full features and use of signals, a trader has to pay a hefty sum to the broker and trader constantly predicting price changes accurately is actually not in broker’s interest.

On the other hand independent providers ask for a monthly fee for such a service which is much lower than what brokers charge for opening a fully featured account and many of them also provide a free trial membership to traders.

In addition to it, brokers do not have much incentive to assist the traders and many times their signals are fully accurate. On the other hand independent signal providers are solely looking for renewal of their service on a monthly basis and try their best to retain the customer by providing as accurate signals as possible.

Thus, it is a lot better to subscribe to the signal services of any independent signal provider instead of a broker if you want to get the most accurate information and earn good returns on your investment.

How to succeed with Using Binary Options Signals

Tip #1

If you want to succeed in binary options trading then selecting the right signal provider can make the difference. Since a lot will depend upon the accuracy of the signals being generated and how much return you are able to achieve from your investment.

At the time of selecting a signal provider check whether they offer a free trial account and if so, test out their system for a few days to know how good their service is.

Tip #2

In addition to it, look for binary signal providers who offer money back guarantee which will help you to cancel your account and get back the amount in case you find that the signal they provide are not accurate enough.

A good service provider should also have a demo account which any trader can make use of to understand how their system works before actually creating an account with them.

These features such as option to create demo account, free trial period and money back guarantee will indicate that the binary options signal provider is really serious about doing business correctly and the signals provided by them would be accurate enough to help you around 80% return on your investments.

Tip #3

To succeed in binary options trading you need to use signals from different providers so that you can take a decision which is most accurate and will help you to reduce the risk of losses.

You may well use a signal aggregator which will collect signals from the different service providers you have created account with and list it in a consolidated manner which is easy for you to comprehend and decide which assets to invest in.

Tip #4

Many of the signal providers will tell you that it will be necessary for you to act within the first 5 minutes of receiving the alert to get the best result out of it. Thus to increase your chances of making more profits you will have to act fast and invest in a asset as quickly as possible after receiving the binary signal alert from a service provider.

These alerts also provide information about the time frame for such signals and you will have to follow them strictly to achieve success.

Tip #5

As it is important to work with the right signal provider, you must check their reputation before signing up. Previous customer reviews, reference from friends and online forums are a good way of checking whether there have been any complaints against them and how good their service is.

Tip #6

Additionally, communication is quite important aspect of online trading and you need to make sure the signal providers communicates on regular basis through phone calls, emails and test messages to provide you important tips and suggestions about investing in right assets.

If you find that the company hardly communicates with you during the time you register with them then it would be better not to take their service since down the line you will face problems with their service.


Thus to conclude we will say that binary options trading signals provide you a very efficient way of reducing your risk of loss and improve chances of making good profits.

All you need to do is find a good independent signal provider with reputation of providing correct signals and act on timely basis upon the signals received to get the best results.

Binary trading signals are a good way for new as well as experienced traders trying to reduce their risks of losses and improve chances of earning high returns on their investment.

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